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Our Board 

Meet our wonderful board and get access to all our latest AGM notes and meeting information


Bernie Poulin, Chair

Bernie is a retired teacher and administrator of 37 years from the St Albert Public Schools. He retired at  the Summer Village of Silver Sands, and has been on Council for the past 11 years. He has been working on Flowering Rush for the past 6 years.


Candis Scott, Vice-Chair

Candis works in water quality research at the University of Alberta and so naturally her curiosity and skilled background in the subject made her an excellent addition to the board. Her expertise mixed with her passion for water quality allow her to add value. Candis and her husband own a vacation property in the Summer Village of West Cove and are active in the community. 


Connie Stonehouse, Treasurer

Connie’s family has had a cabin at Ross Haven since 1962.   They have two daughters and three grandchildren who all enjoy the lake life with family and friends. Connie is a Retired Director of Business Development from Intact Insurance. "We have a shared responsibility to recognize our impact on the health of our lake." 


Kelsie Norton, Secretary

Kelsie Norton has a passion for wildlife and the environment. She has lived at Lac Ste. Anne Lake for 10 years and enjoys exploring all the amazing shorelines and wetlands throughout the watershed. Kelsie brings her Renewable Resources Diploma education and her interest in community stewardship to the LILSA team.


Michael Findlater, General Executive

Michael and his wife Beverly moved to Silver Sands at Isle Lake 2 years ago.  Prior to this, they have lived at Jackfish Lake for many years and in Texas on private waterski lakes for 6 years.  Michael has a passion for waterskiing and lake life in general.  Michael has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta and is currently the COO and CFO of Elastic Email, a Canadian SaaS corporation that operates globally.  Michael plans to retire at Isle Lake and is keen on learning and participating in lake quality improvement


Uwe Brandt, General Executive

Uwe and his wife Rose own a vacation home in the Summer Village of Ross Haven and are part of an extended family that has owned property on or near Lac St. Anne for three generations.   Uwe is currently an Academic Chair at SAIT’s MacPhail School of Energy and has held several leadership positions at TC Energy.  Uwe has a keen passion for Lac St Anne and hopes to see its health maintained and improved upon for future generations.

connie rogan.png

Connie Rogan, General Executive

I have been on Fry’s Beach, Lake Isle since we bought our lakefront cabin in the mid nineties. We renovated and modernized the old sixties cabin until we built our four season home in 2011. We’ve maintained and nurtured our natural shoreline as best we could and have tried to be water wise and not add to our already hypertrophic water. I’m grateful for the efforts made by groups like LILSA who champion and work to protect the lakes and waterways and educate residents and lake visitors.

LSAMCA logo-modified.png

Megan Thompson, Lac Ste Anne Métis Community Association Representative

Lac Ste. Anne Métis are a contemporary rights-bearing Métis community with deep connection to the landscape we have called home for more than two centuries. Lac Ste Anne Métis Community Association (“LSAMCA”) is a corporate entity designed and incorporated by members of the contemporary Lac Ste Anne Métis community to represent the Métis aboriginal rights and interests of the historic and contemporary Lac Ste. Anne Métis ("LSAM") community, a Section 35 (Constitution Act, 1982) Métis aboriginal rights-bearing (Powley) community. 

Today, LSAMCA members reside at locations corresponding with lands and waters our Ancestors have used and occupied over many generations. As a kinship-based community, we participate in a shared culture inclusive of our distinctive customs and traditions, including the continued exercise of our Métis harvesting rights. These activities and way of life remain core to our identity as a modern-day, Section 35 (Constitution Act, 1982) rights bearing Métis people.


OPEN POSITION, Lac Ste Anne Representative

If you feel you could fit this position, please reach out to us.

LILSA Meeting Minutes:


The LILSA Executive meets every 1-2 months.  Our meetings are open for anyone to join.  If interested in attending our next meeting or joining our executive, please fill out the contact form below!

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