Noxious Weeds



Invasive or Noxious weeds are none-native plants that adapt quickly and aggressively to the Alberta landscape and cause lasting damage.


The negative effects of weeds include:

  • Reducing the habitat for native plants species, which in turn threatens other species of insects, plants, fish and animals that depend on native plants

  • They can out-compete agricultural crops

  • Reducing property values for residents and agricultural producers

  • Increasing expenses for municipalities, producers and property owners


There are a number of invasive plants present around Lac Ste. Anne and Lake Isle including:


Canada Thistle:

















Creeping Bellflower:                         Common Tansy:





















Ox-eye Daisy:                                             Scentless Camomile:












What you should do if you find an invasive weed on your property:


Under the Alberta weed control act you must either control or destroy any invasive weed on your property.  How you do so depends on the recommendations specific for that particular plant.  A complete list of noxious plants and how to eradicate them is available through the Alberta Invasive Species Council.



What you should do if you find an invasive weed on public land:


For inland weeds, you should report the sighting to your local municipality:

In Parkland County: Contact Agricultural Services at 780-968-8467


In Lac Ste. Anne County: Contact the Agricultural Department at 780-785-3411


For invasive weeds on the shore or in the lake, report your sighting to the Alberta Invasive Species Council:


phone: 587-999-0954





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