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Why become a member of LILSA?


LILSA is the only organization which represents everyone who is concerned about Lac Ste Anne, Lake Isle and their surrounding watershed.

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Membership enables you to:

attend LILSA sponsored information sessions about our watershed

 - support important projects that require collective action for the health of our lakes

 - have a voice in the Lake Isle and Lac Ste Anne Watershed Management Plan
- increase the weight of our collective voice on issues that require us to advocate
- stay informed on current situations that could impact the health of our lakes
- ensure that the LILSA is able to do all we can for the health of the lake

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You will need to purchase a membership in order to vote at our AGM.  Membership can be purchased for $20


E-transfer to  

(Please add your name, address, e-mail address, and phone number).

LILSA relies on the income from our membership purchases to fund our lake initiatives.  Please consider purchasing a 2023 membership. 

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