LILSA Membership:

Why become a member of LILSA?


LILSA is the only organization which represents everyone who is concerned about Lac Ste Anne, Lake Isle and their surrounding watershed.


Membership enables you to:

 - attend LILSA sponsored information sessions about our watershed

 - support important projects that require collective action for the health of our lakes

 - have a voice in the Lake Isle and Lac Ste Anne Watershed Management Plan
 - increase the weight of our collective voice on issues that require us to advocate
 - stay informed on current situations that could impact the health of our lakes
 - ensure that the LILSA is able to do all we can for the health of the lake


How to become a member of LILSA:


LILSA is selling memberships at all of our events (see Calendar of Events)


Please contact us and we would be happy to help you arrange to purchase a membership.


There is a $20 annual family membership fee for LILSA.  This fee allows everyone in your family to attend all of our information events.  It also gives your family one vote at our AGM.  At this time we are only able to accept cash and cheque payments.  Please make cheques out to: LILSA

photo by A. Laidlaw