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Watershed Alliance

Sturgeon River Watershed Alliance



The Sturgeon River Watershed Alliance (SRWA) is an inter-municipal partnership whose purpose is to protect and improve the health of the Sturgeon River Watershed. The formation of the SRWA was a key recommendation from the Sturgeon River State of the Watershed Report (2012).  



The SRWA includes a Steering Committee consisting of elected officials and a Technical Advisory Committee consisting of staff from participating municipalities. SRWA is also supported by the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance and Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development.



“Changes on our land create changes in our water.”



The primary objectives of the SRWA Steering Committee are:


- To build on the findings of the Sturgeon River State of the Watershed report by overseeing the development of a management plan for the Sturgeon River Watershed;

- To work together collaboratively on an ongoing bases to implement the management plan recommendations. These recommendations will be provided to all municipalities within the watershed and the Government of Alberta.

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