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The Lake Isle, Lac Ste Anne Water Quality Management Society is a non-profit society.  The members and executive of LILSA are regular people like you who are concerned about our lakes.  We are a volunteer organization, governed by our board of directors.


Why was LILSA formed?


For the past several years there has been increasing concern among lake users that the water quality of Lac Ste Anne and Lake Isle may be deteriorating. Complaints have been made about increased blooms of Blue-green algae, weed growth and murky waters.  The shoreline of Lake Isle is also being taken over by Flowering rush which is a prohibited invasive weed.

Most recreational lakes in Alberta now have watershed groups similar to LILSA to advocate for the health of the lakes.  This is because in the past the government has not taken these concerns seriously enough.  They need to be made aware of the extent and severity of the problem and know that Albertans do care about the quality of water in our lakes.


LILSA is working with many different environmental agencies including the Sturgeon River Watershed Alliance. 

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