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There are plenty of ways to help keep our lakes clean and thriving

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How Can You Help Our Lakes?



All of us who own property on or near one of our lakes are impacting it.  There are many things we can do to decrease our negative impact on the lake.  Blue-green algae thrives on Phosphorus and Nitrogen.  We can decrease the amount of these nutrients going into the lake in many ways by reducing the amount of nutrients produced (e.g. not using fertilizer) or by increasing the natural absorption of nutrients before they reach the lake.  Plants with deep root systems (trees and shrubs) absorb these nutrients and decrease the amount going into the lake.  This is especially important along the edges of the water (riparian zone).

Here are some simple things we all can do to decrease the nutrient overload in our lakes causing the blue-green algae:



  1. Plant or retain native plants along the shoreline- create a natural zone as a buffer between any lawn and the lake

  2. Retain native aquatic plant growth (don’t remove aquatic “weeds”)

  3. Increase the number and density of trees and shrubs on your property

  4. Don’t use fertilizer on your lawn- use fertilizer only in containers where the fertilizer will not get into the lake

  5. Don’t use insecticides, herbicides and/or fungicides

  6. Ensure that your septic system is working properly and not allowing any sewage to enter the lake- Outhouses need to be pump outs and septic tanks NOT fields should be used

  7. Properly compost biodegradable waste- don’t let these nutrients get into the lake

  8. Use Phosphate and Phosphorus free soaps – (shampoo, laundry, hand and dish soap): click here for a list of recommended products

  9. Ensure all chemicals are stored properly

  10. Properly fuel boats and lawn equipment to avoid polluting the lake

  11. Ensure all animal waste is disposed of properly

  12. Conserve water – use low flow toilets and shower heads, minimize watering of lawn

  13. Clean, Drain and Dry Your Boat - prevent the spread of harmful, invasive species in Alberta Lakes

  14. Sign up for a Homesite Consultation: a member of Nature Alberta’s Living By Water Project will come to your property to discuss with you ways which you can improve your property to be more lake friendly

  15. Let your friends and neighbours know what you are doing to help the lake.  None of us want to deliberately damage our lakes – help your neighbours help the lake!

  16. Become a member of the Lac Ste. Anne and Lake Isle Water Quality management Society (LILSA)!

  17. Attend LILSA events to learn more about our watershed

Living By Water Homesite Consultation



The Living By Water Project is a Province-wide initiative to improve that quality of water in our lakes.  This is a free, confidential service offered by Nature Alberta.  In this project, a shoreline adviser meets you at your property and you show them around.  It is an opportunity for you to ask them questions about your property and the impact it has on the lake.  Afterwards, they will send you a report offering you specific suggestions about your property.  These actions will help improve our lakes and potentially increase your property value and even save you money.


Click to learn more about Living By Water Homesite Consultation 

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