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Lake Isle and Lac Ste Anne Watershed Reports

Shoreline Property Information:

The Shore Primer: A Cottager's Guide To A Healthy Waterfront

Living By Water

Caring For Shoreline Properties

Nature Alberta: Homesite Consultation

Agricultural Initiatives:


Parkland County Alternative Land Use Services

Alternative Land Use Services




Invasive Species:


Weed Identification in Alberta

Alberta Lake Management Society: Invasive Species Resources

Alberta Invasive Species Council

ESRD: Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers From Entering Alberta




Phosphorus and Phosphate Free Products:


Living By Water List of Recommended Products



Studies on Lac Ste Anne and Lake Isle:


1996 Phosphorus Study for Lac Ste Anne and Lake Isle

1996 Interim Report Lac Ste Anne

1999 Water Quality Management Lac Ste Anne and Lake Isle - Diagnostic Study





Blue-Green Algae:


About Blue-Green Algae and their Toxins

Blue Green Algae taking over our lakes

Impact of Soil Phosphorus Loading on Water Quality in Alberta

Long Term Trends in Alberta Lakes

Lake and Watershed Management - Control of Blue Green Algal in Pigeon Lake

Lake & Watershed Options for Pigeon Lake

Pine Lake Restoration Program

Results of Pine Lake Restoration Program

Capturing Phosphorus With Iron




Conservation Societies and Programs:


-Alberta Invasive Species

-Alberta Lake Management Society (ALMS)

-Alternate Land Use Services (ALUS)

-Cows and Fish

-Ducks Unlimited

-LIAMS: Lake Isle Aquatic Management Society

-North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance

-The Sturgeon River Watershed Alliance

-Water for Life


More Information:


Central Alberta Recreational Lakes

Atlas of Lakes in Alberta

Provincial Grazing Reserves