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We want to make your search easier. Below you will find several resources in regards to water quality


Looking for more information? Here is a list of links that may help in your search:



Lake Isle and Lac Ste Anne Watershed Reports

Shoreline Property Information:

Living by Water

Caring For Shoreline Properties

Riparian zone restoration

Agricultural Initiatives:


Parkland County Alternative Land Use Services

Alternative Land Use Services




Invasive Species:


Weed Identification In Alberta

Alberta Lake Management Society: Invasive Species Resources

Alberta Invasive Species Council

Clean, drain, dry your gear

GOA - invasive species

Invasive Plants (EALT)

 If you think you have spotted a Quagga or Zebra mussel, please report it to Alberta’s invasive species hotline at 1 855 336 BOAT (2628)




Phosphorus and Phosphate Free Products:


Living By Water List of Recommended Products



Studies on Lac Ste Anne and Lake Isle:


1996 Phosphorus Study for Lac Ste Anne and Lake Isle

1996 Interim Report Lac Ste Anne

1999 Water Quality Management Lac Ste Anne and Lake isle - Diagnostic Study

1996 Interim Report dLac Ste Anne

1996 Interim Report Lac Ste Anne


Blue-Green Algae:

There are many things that property owners around a lake can do to improve the quality of water.  Perhaps your family can start with one small project or helpful change; and then commit to learning and doing even more.   Your example, experience and enthusiasm will help create a ripple affect all around the lake! 

Blue Green Algae taking over our lakes

Capturing Phosphorus With Iron

Capturing Phosphorus With Iron

GOA - Lake Information, Blue Green Algae (Cyanobacteria)

AHS - Health Advisories, Blue Green Algae (Cyanobacteria)


Conservation Societies and Programs:


-Alberta Invasive Species

-Alberta Lake Management Society (ALMS)

-Alternate Land Use Services (ALUS)

-Cows and Fish

-Ducks Unlimited

-LIAMS: Lake Isle Aquatic Management Society

-North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance

-Water for Life

Parkland County ALUS program

Parkland County

Lac Ste Anne County

The Sturgeon River Watershed Alliance (SRWA)

Land Stewardship Centre, Green Acreages


More Information:


GOA: Central Alberta Recreational Lakes

UofA:Atlas of Alberta Lakes

GOA: Provincial Grazing Reserves

GOA: Respect Our Lakes

GOA: Lakeshores

Alberta Environment: Energy and Environmental 24 hour Response line Info: Energy & Environmental 24 hour response line

A New Year’s Day icebreaker: icequakes on lakes in Alberta, Canada

Technical Bulletin:

Download Here

Helpful Downloads:

LILSA State of Watershed Report

Lake and Reservoir Management 

Model Land Use Bylaw

Lake Levels

Lake Levels Data

A look at history

East Air Photos 1950

Lac Ste Anne Management 1980

Planning Division 1980

Feasibility Study 1980

Hickman 1981

LILSA 2021 Survey Results Snapshot


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