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Lake Isle & Lac Ste 

Anne Water Quality Management Society (LILSA)


About LILSA 

Lake Isle & Lac Ste Anne Water Quality Management Society

LILSA is a non-profit society committed to promoting the preservation of Lake Isle and Lac Ste Anne Lake, located 40 minutes west of Edmonton, Alberta.  Our goal is to maintain and improve the quality of the water.  Our society is run entirely by volunteers.​

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LILSA Quick Updates


Lake Isle response effort on flowering rush video:


2021 AGM: We are proud to announce that Bernie Poulin was nominated and will remain our chair for

another 4 years.  




Getting Involved:


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Watershed Reports

Sturgeon River Watershed Report

The Sturgeon River Watershed Management Plan was finished in 2020!  This is a very important document as it includes our important information for Lac Ste Anne and Lake Isle


Concerns: Flowering Rush

Concerns: Blue-Green Algae

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